Cygnet Releasing in March

  On 7th Mar, 2014, Dr. Xu Zhenggang, from Central South Forestry Science and Technology University. In order to further tracking, research and protection of this cygnet, Dr. Xu decided to deployed the Backpack GSM/GPS Transmitter developed by my company on the cygnet. In accordance with the feedback information by the satellite about the cygnet’s flying time and location and so on, Dr. Xu can do a credible judgment about the situation of the cygnet and also provide relative data for cygnet conservation.
Hunan Global Messenger Technology Co., Ltd.
Deploying Transmitter on the Cygnet
Hunan Global Messenger Technology Co., Ltd.
Releasing the cygnet
  Up to the 28th April of 2014, the cygnet has migrated to the northwest for about 700 kilometers, the flying route is following:
Hunan Global Messenger Technology Co., Ltd.
Starting location:( 112.83146°E,29.24925°N)
Terminal location:( 119.11354°E,32.99822°N)

Hunan Global Messenger Technology Co. Ltd.
28th April,2014